“Livin’ on a Prayer” Teaching Series

In Matthew 6 Jesus says, “when you pray”. He did not say “if you pray”. This is an important distinction because it shows how crucial prayer is in our lives. Prayer is a must for our faith journey, and for our relationship with Jesus to grow. During this series we will be exploring this amazing and vital spiritual discipline.

WEEK #1: The Necessity of Prayer (May 5)
This week we will be introducing the series and discussing the importance of prayer, what it is, and what it does in our lives.

WEEK #2: The Lord’s Prayer (May 12)
This week we be discussing Jesus’ blueprint for how to pray, and what our focus should be when we pray.

WEEK #3: Prayer Practices (May 19)
This week we will be exploring different ways to pray, and creative ways to engage in this spiritual discipline.

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